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It is so exciting to watch a new venture unfold and take flight.  I was fortunate to be a part of this new magazine, Good Company, created by my friends, Bobbi Lin and Debi Kogan.  I think their manifesto describes what the magazine is all about best, “When PEOPLE come first, memorable meals happen.  The right TOOLS turn a chore into an art. Recipes with seasonal INGREDIENTS that work.”  You can peruse the Issue One Winter online or order a hard copy on their website,

hand delivered by Bobbi Lin

my page! photo, recipe & article

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Read more.. Friday, February 8th, 2013

The “Farmily” at Allenbrooke Farms

I am  fortunate to have a job in which I get to meet a variety of unique people doing interesting things on a daily basis.  Most recently had the pleasure of spending an afternoon with Stephanie and Daniel Allen at their 120 acre Allenbrooke Farms.  Spring was in full tilt and there was a ton beautiful produce being harvested, not to mention the newborn chicks and kittens running around.

The “farmily”, as Stephanie has coined their farm home includes; Stephanie and Daniel, their potbelly pig, Maybelline + her parents, a couple cats, 2 new litters of kittens, 4 dogs, 3 or 4 types of chickens, a rooster and a hen with her new baby chicks. Stephanie and Daniel put a ton of hard work and love into their farm.  (Speaking of love, did I mention that they were high school sweethearts?) The Allens grow a variety of certified naturally grown vegetables, fruits and herbs; they have chickens that lay eggs as well as a breed  that are raised solely for cooking. It was impressive to learn that they also make their own kombucha and kefir water.  I got to try a glass of their pineapple kefir water. It was refreshingly effervescent and delicious. So good in fact that I think I must learn how to make it!

If you live in the Nashville area, Stephanie and Daniel offer a CSA (sign up for next year!). Their produce is certified naturally grown which is the grassroots alternative to “organic” for small farms. They sell at the Franklin farmer’s market during the summer months so get yourself there soon!  Please visit their website to learn more about Stephanie and Daniel + the farm.

Stephanie & Daniel - Stephanie w/Maybelline ©Susan Pittard

Daniel with a newborn kitten ©Susan Pittard

Daniel & Stephanie Allen ©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

Feeding time ©Susan Pittard

watering the seedlings in the greenhouse ©Susan Pittard

Maybelline's mama and papa ©Susan Pittard

fresh picked vegetables - pineapple kefir water ©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

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Read more.. Thursday, June 21st, 2012

Juicing citrus = a glass of sunshine…

Clockwise: valencia orange, meyer lemon, lime, lemon & blood orange ©Susan Pittard

Juicing with citrus, especially with oranges is like drinking sunshine.  I found this to be an amazing way to start my mornings during the winter months of February and March.  It is heaven to get your vitamin C from freshly squeezed, oranges (preferably organic) first thing in the morning. (Be sure to drink your fresh oj first thing in the am so you can burn off  the calories from the natural sugars throughout the day.)

*One eight ounce glass of  freshly squeezed oj has 125 mg of vitamin C.  That’s enough for your daily dose!

Some facts to know about vitamin C:

Vitamin C, or ascorbic acid, is a water-soluble nutrient that is vital to all creatures. Foods that are especially rich in vitamin C are parsley, broccoli, bell peppers, strawberries, oranges, lemon juice, papaya, cauliflower, kale, mustard greens and brussels sprouts.

It plays an important part in collagen production. Vitamin C is useful in healing wounds of all types. From cuts and broken bones to burns and recovery from surgical wounds, vitamin C taken orally helps wounds to heal faster and better. Applied topically, vitamin C may protect the skin from free radical damage after exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays.

For cancer prevention, it’s antioxidant properties protect cells and their DNA from damage and mutation. It supports the body’s immune system, the first line of defense against cancer, and prevents certain cancer-causing compounds from forming in the body.

As an antioxidant, vitamin C helps to prevent cataracts — the clouding of the lens of the eye that can lead to blindness in older adults. The lens needs a lot of vitamin C to counteract all the free radicals that form as a result of sunlight on the eye. It’s possible that 1,000 mg per day of vitamin C might stop cataracts in their tracks and possibly improve vision.

Vitamin C helps to prevent heart disease by preventing free radicals from damaging artery walls, which could lead to plaque formation. This nutrient also keeps cholesterol in the bloodstream from oxidizing, another early step in the progression towards heart disease and stroke.  All these factors combined make vitamin C an inexpensive and easy way to lower one’s risk of heart disease and strokes.

Along with its immune functions that fight against bacteria, viruses, and infection, vitamin C also serves as an effective antihistamine that will lessen the unpleasant effects of the common cold, including inflammation, stuffy nose and aches.

valencia oranges, blood oranges, kumquats, lemons ©Susan Pittard

the aftermath of juicing with blood oranges-a beautiful mess... ©Susan Pittard

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Read more.. Wednesday, April 25th, 2012

Mostly Local & Delicious!

I’d say 80% of the time I eat gluten + dairy free but since I’m a curious eater & a lover of food I find it hard to commit fully to any strict rules ALL of the time.  So I recently splurged on 2 locally made items. First off, it’s the ides of March and Irish soda bread (one of my favs) only gets baked at this time of year.  Secondly, there is a company here in Brooklyn called Salvatore Bklyn and they make amazing ricotta (year-round).  This past weekend I had the mind blowing & first time experience of eating their “smokey” ricotta variety in a carrot salad.  Since I was sharing the salad in which these little white clouds of heaven were served I took it upon myself to support the locals and go buy a container of my own Salvatore ricotta.   I’ve been preparing the ricotta in various ways in the past few days.  I’ve topped it on thick slices of irish soda bread with thinly sliced kumquats, drizzled with truffle honey + thyme and I’ve made a fig + sprout salad.  Best of all everything but the figs and the truffle honey (a purchase from my Italian trip) are local.  I feel so fortunate that I get to buy local artisanal foods & produce from an amazing array of inspired chefs and farmers in and around the NYC area.  Here’s to a few indulgences and happy eating!

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

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Read more.. Thursday, March 15th, 2012