Tea & Macarons

I knew my sister, Betsey was coming into the city this weekend for a friend’s birthday celebration but I didn’t know that she would have time to come out to Brooklyn for a visit with me.   I was delighted when I got the phone call that she would be on my stoop in 20 minutes!  Something to know about my sister is that she is one of the MOST generous people I know.  She will  bend over backwards for all of her friends and family. Not only did she bring me a new blender (mine broke recently) and a mixer (I LOVE to cook!) but she came bearing  2 beautiful, lavender boxes of Ladurée macarons.  There is nothing like a light chewy caramel & salted butter macaron, hot tea with a totally awesome sister, on a random Saturday afternoon…  Many thanks & much LOVE to my sis!

©Susan Pittard

My brother, Bill, me & my sister, Betsey

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Happy Valentine’s Day

YES, it’s Valentine’s Day and it’s time to dig into another heart shaped box of chocolates!  I know some of you may dislike this day but what’s to dislike?…  You get to tell everyone you like that you really, really like/love them.  In my mind any holiday that promotes eating chocolate, giving/receiving flowers and a little lovin’ isn’t so bad. Today I’d like to let ALL my family & friends know how truly grateful I am to have YOU in my life.  xoxo Susan

A big shout out and hug to Swiss Cottage Designs for designing another awesome promo for me this year.  Thanks Courtney aka “lil nugget”.

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

Lot's of LOVE on my wall... ©Susan Pittard

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Breakfast in Bed

If you want to start the weekend off right you should try making breakfast in bed.  It can be super simple and it gives you extra time under the sheets when it’s cold outside.

I collaborated with food stylist, Mariana Velasquez on this sunny, spring is just around the corner, breakfast in bed.   We started with a delicious hot cereal topped with fresh fruit, mint, hazelnuts, honey and cream. Then we moved into the bedroom for a second course of eggs in a hole, sauteed leeks & asparagus topped with ricotta and fresh squeezed grapefruit juice.  It makes me hungry for the weekend just thinking about it!  A big thank you to Mariana, Amy & Jason + a lovely sunny day.

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

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Tre Donne

Sometimes an opportunity arises, the stars are aligned, the situation feels right and you seize the moment.  This happened to me when I decided to go on an Italian adventure with two other women back in October.   My two road mates were Jennifer and Fabiola; two wonderful ladies and now, two great friends.  Our road trip couldn’t have been more fun, unless we had had the time to go sailing on Sweet Emotion to Croatia! Maybe this year!?!..  The purpose of our trip was to visit 4 vineyards in Northern Italy and 1 in Slovenia in 5 days.  We began and ended our trip at Podere Ciona, an amazing estate and winery in Tuscany.  The proprietors are three of the loveliest Italians you will ever meet; Franco, Franca and Lorenzo Gatteschi.

Our journey was quick but we accomplished our mission with MUCH laughter, little sleep, DELICIOUS wine and AMAZING food. You can see the full Italian road trip story on my website.  The other 3 vineyards we visited were, Giuseppe Lonardi in Marano di Valpolicella,  Edi Simčič in Goriška Brda, Slovenia, Monte Tondo in Soave and de Tarczal in Trentino.

My first night at Podere Ciona. Franca cooks a delicious risotto con fungi. ©Susan Pittard

Franco welcomes us to the dinner table. The eve of our big trip! ©Susan Pittard

Fabiola & Jennifer (2 of the Tre Donne) ©Susan Pittard

We loved our panini from the Auto Grill ©Susan Pittard

AND the cappuccinos! ©Susan Pittard

Sunset in Trieste looking out over the Adriatic Sea ©Susan Pittard

Trieste at night ©Susan Pittard

Fabi scoping the pool at Edi Simčič house ©Susan Pittard

Giuseppe Leonardi giving us a tour of his vineyards in Valpolicella. ©Susan Pittard

Polenta con fungi - I ate this dish twice at Osteria Bepi! ©Susan Pittard

Lake Garda ©Susan Pittard

Wolf Girl, Fabi

Skipping stones on Lake Garda ©Susan Pittard

water cat ©Susan Pittard

Mapping it out to Lake Garda ©Susan Pittard

Our view from the Locande D&D a B&B in Sasso ©Susan Pittard

Our new friends and winemakers at the de Tarczal vineyards ©Susan Pittard

Lunch in Trentino ©Susan Pittard

Back at Podere Ciona ©Susan Pittard

Our trip ends & the seiesta begins... ©Susan Pittard

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A new year is an opportunity to reboot; to be healthier, to begin new projects,to reinvest in the old and to be adventurous.  I always want to push harder in a new year; to reach further than the last.  I’m excited and looking forward to the adventures of 2012….may there be many and may they be GREAT!

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Giving THANKS with a DELICIOUS Recipe-Video

I just finished editing a how-to recipe-video for squash dumplings with my talented friend Bobbi Lin. She is the mastermind behind this recipe concept & she styled these DELICIOUS dumplings.  We both love photography and cooking so this was a great collaboration.  I hope you will enjoy the video and definitely give this recipe a go.  These dumplings are incredibly savory  AND easy to make!  (The brown butter sauce is an amazingly rich finish).

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If you live in NYC and you haven’t been to Smorgasburg yet I highly suggest you go this Saturday!   My friend Cerissa and I started our food tour by splitting a fried chicken biscuit from King’s Crumb.  I forgot to take a picture before I ate my half (duh, that’s how good it looked). We also devoured these doughnuts from DOUGH (cafe au lait and blood orange). If nothing else you must get a doughnut.  Beware they are HUGE and very delicious!

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150 YEARS!

If there is one OR two events that my home town is known for it is the First and Second Battles of Bull Run during the Civil War. The first battle was fought on July 21, 1861. This year marked the 150th anniversary and 8,700 reenactors came from all over the country to reenact the battle. It was amazing to walk around their encampments and get close up to the soldiers as they marched into battle. I was so impressed by the authenticity of it all. The temperature that weekend was about 105˚ so I my hat goes off to all those men and women who kept it “real” with all those hot, heavy layers. It was brutal in shorts and a tank top!

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Sailing in the Charleston Harbor

I just spent three AMAZING weeks of June in Charleston, SC.  My hosts, Gayle and Neilson took me and two other lovely ladies; Olivia and Hailey sailing.  It was such a beautiful night for a sweet 2 hour sail in the Charleston Harbor.  If you’ve never been to Charleston you MUST go!

Neilson cleaning up the Goblin for the ladies!


My great friends and hosts, Neilson & Gayle

The Dynamic Duo, Olivia & Hailey


Hailey making friends

Lot's of laughs! I think they swallowed a lot of water on this swim.

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I LOVE Food!

I LOVE food!  I do.  I love shopping for it, cooking it, eating it and shooting it.  Here are some outtakes from a couple of my food shoots in Charleston, SC.  I got to work alongside the talented food styist, Cythina Groseclose.

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