Happy 90th Nina

My beautiful grandmother, Nina turned 90 on June 11th.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY NINA!!! My grandmother has always been known for her sense of style and color palette.  She can always be found in some lovely shade of beige, cream and blue.  She’s rockin’ it here on her 90th! You’ve got to love the tiara too.

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Russell Simmons for BUST Magazine

I shot Russell Simmons for the April/May issue of BUST Magazine.  The article is about his healthy vegan diet hence the green juice in his hand…

Here are some outtakes.  Russell taking an important call and Russell having fun with his green juice!

Russell Simmons in action

Russell and juice

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

I am so happy with the Valentine inspired promo that my friend and talented designer, Courtney Jentzen of Swiss Cottage Designs whipped up for me.  Check it out!

front ©Susan Pittard

back ©Susan Pittard

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Amazing Abs

My friend, Suzanne Bowen’s unfortunate plane cancellation led to our fortunate two day hang session.  We were able to catch up for a bit longer than what our 2 hour dinner had allowed us AND she gave me a free training session at the gym.  Suzanne has a new dvd out called Gorgeous Core with Suzanne Bowen.  Check it out.  It’s a great workout!

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Snow Day in the Park!

After the latest of our many January snow showers I took a walk up to Prospect Park.  There were many people sledding and playing in the snow.  I was taken by the colorful landscape created by the sledder’s outerwear.  It was so striking against the white snow.

snow day in Prospect Park! ©Susan Pittard

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VA in the Fall

I went to VA last weekend to visit with family and friends.  I was able to squeeze in a photo shoot with one of my favorite subjects.  I’ve been shooting Kyla since she was 7.  She is 12 now.  I can’t believe it! (You can see more images from our shoots on my website in the personal work 1 section.)

Kyla ©Susan Pittard

Kyla ©Susan Pittard

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Happy Holidays!

As far as I can remember Mr. Bonfadini would decorate his entire house with a system of moving parts of popular cartoon characters for the Christmas holiday.  Each year he would add a new cartoon character so a it became a family ritual to go see what was the latest addition. This marks the last year he will be decorating.  It’s nuts but I am a bit saddened by this…

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Sailing out of NYC

I went sailing out of NYC with some friends this past weekend.  It’s an amazing way to escape the city heat.  What a beautiful day even though I felt like I was rocking on a boat for the rest of the evening.  I need to grow some sea legs!

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