Aaron Sanchez – Mi Fiesta Perfecta

I recently shot Aaron Sanchez in the Food Network kitchens for Cosmo for Latinas.  Aaron was a lot of fun to work with. He’s high energy and quite a jokester.  Aaron brought his uncle along to the shoot so it was fun to witness the banter between family.  We shared some good laughs and his food was delicious!

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The Perfect Crab Boil

My crab boil/beach picnic just came out in the July/August issue Serendipity Magazine.

I have to give a big shout out to my  great friends who helped me put this picnic together.  More times than not a successful shoot is made up of all the harmonious team work that goes into it.  THANK YOU to Gayle, Jennifer, Marie, Neilson, Jason and Clay!

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Good Company Magazine

It is so exciting to watch a new venture unfold and take flight.  I was fortunate to be a part of this new magazine, Good Company, created by my friends, Bobbi Lin and Debi Kogan.  I think their manifesto describes what the magazine is all about best, “When PEOPLE come first, memorable meals happen.  The right TOOLS turn a chore into an art. Recipes with seasonal INGREDIENTS that work.”  You can peruse the Issue One Winter online or order a hard copy on their website, www.goodcompanymagazine.com.

hand delivered by Bobbi Lin

my page! photo, recipe & article

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Book Cover – Chosen At Nightfall

I’m excited to say that a photo of mine (or a portion rather), with one of my favorite muses, Cierah, is gracing the cover of  Chosen At Nightfall.  How appropriate for the first signs of Autumn.  This book is the fifth and final installment of the popular Shadows Falls series by writer C.C. Hunter.  It will be on bookshelves April 2013!

Here is the cover outtake as well as some of my favorites from my shoot with Cierah:

Book Cover Select

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Check out this article in THE WILD’s recent “Togetherness” issue.  I shot the talented design trio, threeASFOUR for the article.

threeAFOUR shot for THE WILD ©Susan Pittard

threeASFOUR ©Susan Pittard

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Read more.. Saturday, April 16th, 2011

“Be A Bombshell”

My latest spread for the Improper Bostonian hit the newsstands today.

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C’est Soir

My Improper Bostionian story, C’est Soir.  Hit the newsstands December 12th!

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Read more.. Wednesday, December 15th, 2010

Tommy Hilfiger for ESQUIRE

My portrait of Tommy Hilfiger came out today in the December issue of ESQUIRE.  Here is ESQUIRE’s select and a couple outtakes.

Tommy Hilfiger ©Susan Pittard

Tommy Hilfiger © Susan Pittard

Tommy Hilfiger ©Susan Pittard

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Fall Softly for the Improper Bostonian

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

I had the opportunity to work with the lovely model, Hollie Witchey .  It’s been 3 years and she is still as gorgeous as ever.  Noria Morales, the fashion editor at the Improper styled the shoot.

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Dinner party at the Hole for THE WILD

Here are a few outtakes from a dinner party I shot for the SEX issue of The Wild magazine at the Hole in Soho.  The owners of the Hole, Meghan Coleman and Kathy Grayson  hosted the night for a group of close friends.  They dined in the gallery space surrounded by an exhibition by artist + musician Cody Critcheloe.

Meghan Coleman & Kathy Grayson ©Susan Pittard

All the dinner guests! ©Susan Pittard

Michael T. Jackson & Suzanne Geiss ©Susan Pittard

h'ordeurves ©Susan Pittard

Rosson Crow ©Susan Pittard

Avery Newman & Kathy Grayson ©Susan Pittard

sexy fruit ©Susan Pittard

Meghan Coleman ©Susan Pittard

Peggy Noland & Matthu Placek ©Susan Pittard

delicious tart! ©Susan Pittard

a toast ©Susan Pittard

Guillaume Boulez, Peggy Noland, Meghan Coleman & Matthu Placek ©Susan Pittard

cotton candy finale ©Susan Pittard

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