LAPLAND – Josh Mease’s new project

Josh Mease will be releasing a self-titled album under the new moniker, LAPLAND in early 2013.  Look out for it!  He’s a genius.

Here are some outtakes from our photo shoot  at Fort Tilden.  Double exposure was in the air…

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Alan Hampton’s New Album, The Moving Sidewalk

I had the fun assignment of shooting Alan Hampton’s album cover.  He built the small set in his livingroom with a friend.  He even whittled the wooden figurine of himself.  Not only can Alan sing, he can whittle!  His album will be released March 15th.

The Moving Sidewalk

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Clay Ross on the Road

I designed a poster using a photo that I shot of my friend and talented musician, Clay Ross.  He’s going out on the road to promote his album, Matuto.  Perhaps you will catch sight of this in your hometown.

©Susan Pittard

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Clare and the Reasons Album Cover

I had the great opportunity of shooting the lovely couple, Clare and Olivier Manchon of Clare and the Reasons for their latest album cover.  The new album, Arrow dropped today!

Two more of my favorites from the shoot.

Clare and the Reasons album art ©Susan Pittard

©Susan Pittard

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Promo pics for Josh Mease

These are some images I shot for Josh Mease. He will be using these photos as he promotes his new album, Wilderness.  You should definitely check him out! He’s an amazing singer/songwriter.

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