Tre Donne

Sometimes an opportunity arises, the stars are aligned, the situation feels right and you seize the moment.  This happened to me when I decided to go on an Italian adventure with two other women back in October.   My two road mates were Jennifer and Fabiola; two wonderful ladies and now, two great friends.  Our road trip couldn’t have been more fun, unless we had had the time to go sailing on Sweet Emotion to Croatia! Maybe this year!?!..  The purpose of our trip was to visit 4 vineyards in Northern Italy and 1 in Slovenia in 5 days.  We began and ended our trip at Podere Ciona, an amazing estate and winery in Tuscany.  The proprietors are three of the loveliest Italians you will ever meet; Franco, Franca and Lorenzo Gatteschi.

Our journey was quick but we accomplished our mission with MUCH laughter, little sleep, DELICIOUS wine and AMAZING food. You can see the full Italian road trip story on my website.  The other 3 vineyards we visited were, Giuseppe Lonardi in Marano di Valpolicella,  Edi Simčič in Goriška Brda, Slovenia, Monte Tondo in Soave and de Tarczal in Trentino.

My first night at Podere Ciona. Franca cooks a delicious risotto con fungi. ©Susan Pittard

Franco welcomes us to the dinner table. The eve of our big trip! ©Susan Pittard

Fabiola & Jennifer (2 of the Tre Donne) ©Susan Pittard

We loved our panini from the Auto Grill ©Susan Pittard

AND the cappuccinos! ©Susan Pittard

Sunset in Trieste looking out over the Adriatic Sea ©Susan Pittard

Trieste at night ©Susan Pittard

Fabi scoping the pool at Edi Simčič house ©Susan Pittard

Giuseppe Leonardi giving us a tour of his vineyards in Valpolicella. ©Susan Pittard

Polenta con fungi - I ate this dish twice at Osteria Bepi! ©Susan Pittard

Lake Garda ©Susan Pittard

Wolf Girl, Fabi

Skipping stones on Lake Garda ©Susan Pittard

water cat ©Susan Pittard

Mapping it out to Lake Garda ©Susan Pittard

Our view from the Locande D&D a B&B in Sasso ©Susan Pittard

Our new friends and winemakers at the de Tarczal vineyards ©Susan Pittard

Lunch in Trentino ©Susan Pittard

Back at Podere Ciona ©Susan Pittard

Our trip ends & the seiesta begins... ©Susan Pittard

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