Dinner party at the Hole for THE WILD

Here are a few outtakes from a dinner party I shot for the SEX issue of The Wild magazine at the Hole in Soho.  The owners of the Hole, Meghan Coleman and Kathy Grayson  hosted the night for a group of close friends.  They dined in the gallery space surrounded by an exhibition by artist + musician Cody Critcheloe.

Meghan Coleman & Kathy Grayson ©Susan Pittard

All the dinner guests! ©Susan Pittard

Michael T. Jackson & Suzanne Geiss ©Susan Pittard

h'ordeurves ©Susan Pittard

Rosson Crow ©Susan Pittard

Avery Newman & Kathy Grayson ©Susan Pittard

sexy fruit ©Susan Pittard

Meghan Coleman ©Susan Pittard

Peggy Noland & Matthu Placek ©Susan Pittard

delicious tart! ©Susan Pittard

a toast ©Susan Pittard

Guillaume Boulez, Peggy Noland, Meghan Coleman & Matthu Placek ©Susan Pittard

cotton candy finale ©Susan Pittard

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